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Coro Bird BroochIf as a child you looked in your grandmother’s jewellery box, you would probably have found a signed piece of Coro jewellery, the company was a prolific producer of thousands of designs at affordable prices. The history of Coro dates back to 1901 when Emmanuel Cohn and Gerald Rosenberg opened a small shop in New York selling jewellery, taking the first two letters of each other’s name and calling the venture Coro. They employed a great designer, Adolph Katz, and a dynamic master salesman, Royal Marcher, and expanded rapidly. By the mid 1920’s Coro was the largest manufacturer of costume jewellery with a workforce of over 2000, and even during the Great Depression in America they were building new factories and extending their empire to England, Canada and Mexico. The range and price of their jewellery is vast, but the rhinestone studded jewellery in particular, compares with the best in the industry. They patented a design called a duette, which was two figures (often birds) together, that could be worn as one brooch (or fur clip) or two, and these are highly valuable and collectable as well as a very attractive and unusual thing to wear.

With their flare for design Emmanuel and Gerald certainly knew how to entice a lady!



Photo: Coro Bird Brooch
Vintage Costume Jewellery by Carol Tanenbaum