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Hobe Brooch & EarringsThe history of Hobe jewellery can be traced back several generations to mid 19thC Paris and to Jacques Hobe, a celebrated master goldsmith. His son William Hobe, worked as a representative for a German theatrical costume company , and came to New York in an effort to sell his costumes to Florenz or ‘Flo’ Ziegfeld for his famous ‘Ziegfeld Follies’. Ziegfeld placed a large order and also asked William to create inexpensive but real looking jewellery to go with the girls’ costumes. In fact it is said that the term ‘costume jewellery’ was first used by Ziegfeld. So began William Hobe’s adventure in America and the founding of his costume jewellery firm. Hobe jewellery has excellent design with high quality stones and high quality silver or gold plating.  He was especially known for his reproductions of the jewellery from the European Courts, and during the 1950’s his jewellery was the choice of many designers and movie stars in Hollywood. Beyond doubt Hobe was among the best of the costume jewellery manufacturers in America, and his work is still some of the most glamorous today.


Photo: Hobe Brooch & Earrings
Costume Jewellery by Judith Miller