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Sarah Coventry

Sarah CoventrySarah Coventry, started in 1950, was named after Charles H. Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Ann. Stuart had opened Sarah Coventry's sister company, Emmons Jewelers, Inc., during 1949. Neither company sold jewellery through department or jewellery stores, but direct to customers via parties hosted by "Fashion Directors." Fashion directors could move up the ranks and become Unit Directors then, later, Area Managers, with the ultimate goal of becoming National Sales Manager if they chose that path.



Sarah Coventry became quite popular in its time because of the quality of the jewellery as well its designs. Interestingly, it was not designed or manufactured in-house, but was made by other companies in Rhode Island. The company was sold in 1984.

Photo: Sarah Coventry Brooch
Costume Jewellery by Judith Miller