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Trifari BraceletsThe history of the Trifari name can be traced back to the mid 1800’s in a small workshop in Naples founded by Luigi Trifari, His grandson, Gustavo Trifari, learned his trade from his grandfather before emigrating to America in 1904. For several years Gustavo worked as a designer for Weinberg before founding his own company. By the 1930’s he had two partners, Leo Krussman and Carl Fishel, and had taken on a new designer called Alfred Philippe. Alfred had previously worked for Cartier and was largely responsible for the creation and development of Trifari’s distinctive and classic look.

Early Trifari in particular is highly collectable, but every piece graces its owner with its quality, elegance and artistry.


Photo: Trifari Bracelets
Vintage Costume Jewellery by Carol Tanenbaum